CityLine Web Based Management System

Take back control of your machines from anywhere!

The CityLine back office management system is designed to give you back control of your machines and maximise on their potential. Accessed from a desktop computer or the companion mobile App, CityLine gives you access to your machines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world.


CityLine doesn't just track data, it gives you the freedom to make changes as and when you need them. No waiting in call centre queues, no lengthy email chains, simply log into the configuration panel and make the changes you want!


Gone are the days you need to pay extortionate fees for simple processes, with the CityLine system:


Tariff upgrades are FREE

Coin Upgrades are FREE

By now you've probably heard the adage "Data is king" or even "Big Data is king", but that's no entirely accurate. We believe in "Targeted & Efficient Data"! Of course there are the obvious benefits to data: Cost Savings, Time Reductions and so on. But if you have to trawl through barrels of information you don't need does it really save you time or money?


The CityLine system is designed to allow you to choose what you see and when. The fully customisable live monitoring screen features a number of widgets you can arrange to help you quickly monitor the data you need.


CityLine data can identify more efficient ways of staffing your park ensuring team members are on site during peak operating hours and reduce the time spent attending machines for unnecessary reasons such as checking ticket stock levels which can be viewed remotely from your desktop or the mobile app.


Reasons to choose CityLine:


  • Access your machine from anywhere in the world 24/7 via Desktop or Mobile App
  • Effortlessly Integrate with modern solutions such as ANPR & Pay by Phone
  • Consumables Level Reporting and Low Level Warnings
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Financial Data
  • Machine Access warnings direct to you by SMS
  • Instant Cash Collection & Card Transaction Reports
  • Customise your home screen to only see the data you want
  • FREE Tariff Upgrades
  • Free Coin Upgrades

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Tariff upgrades are FREE

Coin Upgrades are FREE